Mentorship Method

Horses as Mentors
Every horse that comes to Get Grounded for learning is assigned a mentor.  The mentor is present for most of the first 30 days of learning, including turn-out time with other horses.  Qualified equine mentors must have a consistent even keeled temperament with very low tendencies for drama.  They know their job and know how to take care of others.  We are so thankful for the few horses we can trust to help in the relationship building process, keeping stress minimal, and leading by example.


Braeberry Barnabas (Bing)

Senior Mentor

Bing has been working as a mentor since 2013.  He is a natural at making other horses feel safe and relaxed.  He has escorted many newbies during their maiden voyage on trails, ponied them with ease and finesse.  Bing also has advanced herd social skills and is used quite often to acclimate/integrate new horses into established groups.  He has phenomenal nanny skills, taking care of youngsters while their mothers are learning.  Bing has taken care of many weanlings during their weaning process.  He is a great leader and consistently shows good example to those in training.

14.2hh Registered Fell Pony gelding

2006 Model

Get Grounded Resident since 2012

Past Mentors___________________________________________________________________________

DGH Eternity (Merida)


Merida has been working as a Get Grounded mentor since 2016.  She is exceptionally calm, quiet and virtually drama free.  She enjoys working in groups leading by good example.  Merida is also used to help keep order in social groups during turn-out.  Many newbies are drawn to her confident, quiet personality.

13.2hh Registered Gypsy mare

2011 model

Get Grounded Resident since 2014


CopperBeech Casper

Mentor in Training

Copper has been mentoring since 2015.  He has only had a few assignments and still has a lot to learn.  Copper has helped with weaning and taking care of foals, ponied horses on the trails and taken young horses to events.  Copper enjoys working with others and is a solid alternative for pregnant mares and geldings when our other mentors have a full work load.

Registered 13.1hh Fell pony stallion

2006 model

Get Grounded Resident since 2013