Turkey Trot Sand Lily

2002 Black Fell Pony Mare

Trails, Arena, Dressage

Offered at $6,500 (sold)


Harimanna of FiddleHead

2016 Fell pony/Appaloosa cross mare

DREA Ghostfire Sundy x Braeberry Hwinynym

Very quiet and thoughtful 3yr. mare.  We purposely bred this combination (foundation Appaloosa and Fell pony) with intent in getting a taller pony that still has solid substance.  She should mature to 14.2hh.  Hari's sire is owned by the well known foundation Appaloosa breeder Milton Decker of Decker's Red Eagle Appaloosas (DREA).  Her dam is a quality purebred Fell pony out of imported stock.  Hari has a nice short back, deep barrel and substantial bone underneath her.  The farrier has noted her to have some of the best feet he has ever seen.  Hari hauls, ties, and stands quietly with no issues.  She has been hiked and ponied on trails.  She is very quiet, not reactive or spooky.

Offered at $4,000



Fraises of FiddleHead
2018 Black 3/4 Fell, 1/4 Appaloosa filly
Blu Flit of FiddleHead (Appy/Fell) x StoneCreek Black Crystal (purebred Fell)

Berry is expected to mature 14hh and looks to be very Fell pony in temperament and type.  Berry has had a lot of handling, hauled in trailer, and will have basic leading training.  She is living with her dam in a herd on large acreage.  This is an excellent opportunity to raise a nice quality Fell pony at a more affordable price.

Offered at $3,000

Braeberry Eclipse
2010 Fell Pony Gelding
BroughHill Hadrian's Wall x Braeberry Bonnie Lass

Inside and out, Eclipse is a joy to work with and be around. Eclipse has just the right amount of athleticism and motivation to make someone a nice safe all around partner. He mostly enjoys moving out on trails, but also has arena experience. Trustworthy enough and responds well to seat and leg, Eclipse can be ridden in a bit less bridle. He also works well in a snaffle. Eclipse has played around with jumping and we suspect he would really enjoy cross country. 


FiddleHead Leeloo
2018 Section A Dales Filly, Tested Grey,FIS clear by parentage
Rosebarr Gambler x WhisperingWillows Piper

Offered at $6,000 (sold)
FIS clear by parentage

Video:  https://vimeo.com/307913734


Braeberry Shasta
2016 Bay Registered Fell Gelding

Shasta has been thoughtfully raised with attention and care. He is a nice solid pony with appealing type, good conformation and temperament that will make him a joy to work with. Shasta has been handled and had some basic ground-work appropriate for his age. He handles very nicely on the ground: good with feet, hauling, grooming, and stands tied.  Shasta is a quick learner, and puts forth good effort to cooperate with others. He is currently residing at FiddleHead Farm Fell and Dales ponies, home of Get Grounded Equine Training. We train, breed and raise Fell ponies and can provide appropriate training options for Shasta if needed.

Offered at $5,500  (sold)

Video link Shasta:  https://vimeo.com/305364960

Shasta's photo album:    https://www.flickr.com/photos/haybag/albums/72157676506470698


Dakotadales Medora

2017 Registerd Section A, Bay Dales Pony Mare
Rosebarr Gambler x WhisperingWillows Medora

Offered at $5,500 sold

EE,A? (not tested for homozygous A)
Expected to mature 13.3hh

Restar Lucky Joe
2013 Imported Fell Pony Gelding
Lunesdale Warlord x Restar Lucky

Joe resides in the cream of Fell pony temperament. He has been an absolute delight to work with and we just love his adventurous soul. Joe is careful, sensible and blazes trails with confidence. Joe rides out solo or nicely with others. He has received 90+ days of professional training at Get Grounded Equine in Oregon. He has done a variety of technical trails: elevation, single track, switchbacks, complex footing, and off beaten paths through brush. 
Offered at $8,000 Sold


Ossa  (Drea) in foal to Wyatt

2014 Registered 3/4 Gypsy Mare
Mature to 12.3hh, b/w pinto w/ 2 blue eyes, possibly homozygous pinto
by Sir Isaac Newton out of 1/2 gypsy/shetland

Ossa has had 60+ days professional training, extensive ground work, hiking and long line driving on trails/obstacles.  She is ready to start saddle or continue with harness/cart training.  Ossa gets along well with others and is socially easy going/friendly with people.  She enjoys interaction and has a very good attitude with regard to new things.
In foal to purebred Gypsy 'Wyatt' due 8/19.  Message me for details.

Offered at $7,500 (sold)

Short video:  https://vimeo.com/269476645


Sir Francis Drake

2017 Registered (pending) 3/4 Gypsy Gelding
Wyatt x Mambo

Drake has had a lot of handling and some basic ground training on trails. His family loves him dearly, but are planning to move out of the country. He has been very well taken care of and will make a very nice all-around type for his new people. Drake is nicely bred by the well known pure-bred gypsy, Wyatt and his maternal grand-sire is Gypsy Elite Sir Isaac Newton. Both Wyatt and Newton have outstanding temperaments with cooperative attitudes. 
Drake has been hiked and ponied on trails, ties and loads with no problem. He is good with his feet and very nice manners for a youngster. Drake should mature 13.2-13.3hh.
Drake is being offered via sellers agent (Get Grounded Equine).

Offered at $4,000 (sold)

Drake Photo Album:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/haybag/albums/72157686502099321


ALR's Golden Blue H.

2009 Registered Missouri Fox Trotter Gelding
Romeo's Sensation King ALR x Dawn's Golden Trigger

Quickly, Dundee has become the official gate greeter at my place. He is eager to connect with people and enjoys riding out. Dundee is thoughtful and calm, no drama or issues that need to be addressed. He has had a huge vacation from riding before he came to me. Due to his temperament, and solid training, he showed enthusiasm and willingness from the start. Dundee has mostly been ridden in a hackamore and I have had no problems riding him in a side-pull bridle. He picks and holds his feet up with light touch, self loads in trailer, and pulls over on side of the trail to do his business. He ties and stands very quiet, not a nervous or jiggy type fella. Crosses water, bridges, pretty much been willing to go wherever I point him. 
Coming out of a 2 yr. hiatus, Dundee is a little rusty with focus and not yet fully conditioned. He is currently doing a 30 day tune-up at Get Grounded Equine where he is working on technical maneuvers and being consistent in his gaits.  He is expected to finish mid November, 2018 and price will increase.

Offered at $5,000 (sold)

RedPrairie Anna Bea

2013 Purebred Registered Dales Pony Mare
14.3hh, DPSA Registered w/ full dna parent verification.
Dartdale Peterboy x RedPrairie Anna

Anna Bea is a genuine ‘gate greeter’ who looks forward to social interactions & explorations.  She enjoys activities with people.  She is confident and considerably calm.  Even though she is green, she  handles new situations with curiosity rather than reactiveness .  During moments of feeling unsure or uncertain, she typically stops and stands quietly until she has more understanding.

Anna Bea is the last bred Dales Pony by the well known Blooming Dales Farm in Oregon.  Coincidently, the first U.S. birthed Dales pony was born at the Blooming Dales Farm.  At 3 yrs. of age, she was lightly started at the Blooming Dales farm and then left back with the herd to continue to mature.  Currently she is residing at Get Grounded Equine where she has undergone foundation schooling preparation for trail riding and general all around.  Anna Bea shows promise and potential to be a very nice all around pony.  She has progressed well with long line driving out on trails and performing simple obstacle/tasks.  Because she is confident and calm, she would make a very nice driving pony.  Trail riding under saddle has been brief, but showed promise with no major issues.  Additional videos can be provided including ones showing her training progress.

Although she is motivated to interact and fairly easy to engage, her focus and self discipline needs more development.  

She is sound and healthy with no history of lameness or health issues.  Anna Bea has recently undergone a radio-graph exam and had her teeth floated.  Radiographs show no defects.

 Offered at $7,000  (sold)

Videos:  https://vimeo.com/271402945


Photo album:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/haybag/albums/72157669303099548


DGH Eternity

2011 GHRA Registered purebred mare.
13.2hh smokey black sabino.
Super Safe and Quiet

Merida has been used to mentor other horses in our training program as well as help build confidence with a few timid riders.  She has lots of trail miles, been horse camping, and ridden in parades including the famous Pendleton Parade in Oregon.  This mare is super safe, absolutely no vices, not reactive or dramatic.  She has basic training on mt. trail obstacles, moves with confidence, and has attended both mt. trail clinic and show.  She had a lovely colt in 2016 and was a very good mom.

Merida is sound, no health issues, excellent feet with no need for shoes.  She has excellent ground manners, gets along just fine in herd groups yet confident to ride out and be alone.

Offered at $10,000 (sold)



2016 3/4 Gypsy colt to mature 12-12.2hh
Lexlin's Wyatt x Afton
(registration pending IGEA)

Offered at $4,500 (sold)

Maverick is receiving 30 days ground training:  hiking, ponying, long line driving.  He is hauled to trails several times a week.  He is expected to finish the first week of March, 2018.  Maverick is very gentle and quiet.  He will make a very nice driving pony and riding for a youth.  


CDC Ansia (Lucia)

2008 Purebred Andalusian Mare
Hilandero X x Caprichosa (MEX)

Offered at $9,500 (sale withdrawn)

Lucia is at the perfect age and readiness to be someone's everything. Lucia has been pro foundation trained western and dressage, but not ridden much in the last 6 months. As agents for her sale (Get Grounded Equine), we have ridden her twice for evaluation and will continue to ride her until sold. We were impressed with her ground manners and her calm demeanor. Even though she was rusty, she had an appealing attitude and good work ethic. Even out of shape, she carried herself very well, keeping nice cadence. Her trot is lovely and she even does a pleasing slow western jog. She rides in a snaffle and also did well in a bit-less bridle. Lucia was started in 2011, shown in 2012/13 with some notable placings: 2012 USEF Regional Champion Junior Horse English Pleasure 2012 USEF Regional Champion Junior Horse Western Pleasure 2012 USEF Regional Champion Open Western Pleasure 2012 USEF National Horse of the Year, 3rd Place, Junior Horse WP 2013 Canadian Reserve National Champion Senior Mare Lucia has trail, pack-horse experience as well. Lucia shows potential to be a great all-rounder who will do well with a partner that likes to do a variety of experiences. Her breeder says about her sire, Ansia’s sire, Hilandero X, has international championship titles in three countries: morphology in his native Spain; dressage in the Dominican Republic, and 2008 National Champion Senior Stallion and best movement in Canada.

Videos of Lucia:  https://youtu.be/tptYOpGHDi8


Braeberry Buffalo Bill

2017 Fell Colt (Stallion Prospect, FIS clear)
CopperBeech Casper x Braeberry Emma Mae

Handsome bay colt showing nice angles, nice straight legs with good bone.  He has a lovely head set with soft eye and pony ears.  This colt is FIS clear by parentage.  He has a small faint snip on his nose, but has been confirmed with FPS that he would still qualify for stallion license.  

Offered at $4,000 (SOLD)
($250 will be refunded if gelded)
You can see more photos here:

FiddleHead Brooke

2016 Registered Purebred Fell Gelding 
ApplebyFair Maximus x StoneCreek Black Crystal

Leads, ties, loads in trailer.  DOB 6/18/16

$4,200 firm (SOLD)


RedPrairie Major

2003 14.3hh Registered Dales Gelding
CastleHill Rob x Lummas Beauty III

A good tempered fella who has been a family trail horse since youth.  No vices, no spooky reactive behavior.  He shows promise to be a nice solo trail rider with good work ethic to learn new skills such as working equitation, low level jumping, mt. trail.  This is a 'no fuss' gentleman who is friendly and should excel with quality time invested.  He is sound with no health issues.

Offered at $4,800  (SOLD)
Check out his video:  


Red Prairie Freedom, 2007 Registered Dales Pony Gelding

CastleHill Rob x Sowermire Diane
An extremely gentle, kind & thoughtful fella.

You will not find a more sensible, thoughtful and willing partner!

Freedom is heading into his third season of riding with most of his miles spent on a variety of trails.  He shows a lot of potential to excel at mt. trail and other obstacle related disciplines such as versatility and working equitation.  Freedom is light and responsive to maneuver, light rein and moving off leg nicely.  Freedom is a good listener and appreciates a rider that can communicate with confidence and trust.  Freedom is solid, stands 14.1hh and built to carry!

$7,500 (Sold)
Check out his video!!


FiddleHead Bass

Gypsy/Fell Colt (Part-bred Gypsy eligible)
DOB 10/14/16
CopperBeech Casper (FPS registered Fell pony) x DGH Eternity (GHRA registered Gypsy)

Bass is a real treasure, a top notch cross bred.  His sire is imported Fell pony stallion CopperBeech Casper, a proven working stallion who took Supreme Champion Mountain & Moorland 8/2015.  Bass's maternal grandsire is the very well known Sundance Kid.  Bass has been color tested and is solid black (negative for creme, negative for sabino).  Bass is expected to mature around 13.3hh.  

Offered at $5,500 (sold)


Photo album:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/haybag/albums/72157679340683414


FellLegend Betony
2011 Fell Pony Mare
FPS#6083, LaurelHighland Romany Boy x Braeberry Ann

Offered at $8,000 (sold)

Betony has over 5 months under saddle.  She is a fabulous trail blazer, forward and brave.  Betony shows promise in the arena, working on circles at the trot.  Betony is light & responsive to leg and seat.


Sir William Wallace

2011 12.2hh 3/4 Gypsy gelding

Offered at $7,000 (sold)



Gypsy Elite Sir Isaac Newton


2007 model, 13.2hh, registered purebred gelding. Newt is a dream of a fella, a gentle soul that is very easy to get along with. Newt has fantastic ground manners and is very motivated to pay attention to his handler.  Newt is not a clunker, moves very nicely and shows potential for athleticism. Currently moving out on trails with enthusiasm, picking up the trot with ease and motivated to explore the canter. 

Offered at $10,500

FiddleHead Astrid


2016 Purebred Dales Filly  (Thornville Dan x Ebony Jan)
Available at weaning (late September)
$4,000 (terms available prior to weaning)


Braeberry Bonnie Lass

2005 Purebred Registered Fell Mare

A very quiet and safe riding broodmare!
Offered at $7,500.  sold

Check out Bonnie's Video!!  https://youtu.be/5Xjyj1DrgPI


Irpadis from Schmalztopf, 2003 registered Icelandic Mare

Helmingur from Schmalztopf x Hrafnhugsyn from Schmalztopf


Offered at $5,500


Red Prairie Storm, 2008 Registered Dales Gelding

Dartdale Peterboy x Sowermire Diane

Offered at $7,800


Rambler's Mist, 2008 Registered Spanish Mustang (Barb)

Rambler x Irish Mist

This 14hh dun overo mare is in her 2nd season of riding and coming along very nicely.  We have been using her almost daily to help train other horses.  She has an incredibly smooth big SM trot that you can sit while she covers a lot of ground.  She has excellent ground manners and shows promise for extreme trail, endurance, versatility, and possibly cows.  She knows basic leg and is very light with cues. She has horse camped, been to a mt. trail clinic and schooled on 2 other mt. trail courses.  She has also been to the beach 3 times and done very well.
Naturally bred and raised on the Cayuse Ranch in Wyoming.  The Brislawn Family has been striving to preserve the small Spanish type horse since the 1920's. 

You can see photos of her by clicking the link.

Here is a video of her moving out at the beach.

Solo trail riding video.


JKL Catori, 2008 Black Fell Mare

BroughHill Hadrian's Wall x Midnight Valley Thistle

Available Dec. 1, 2014 and completed 90 days saddle training.
Catori is very calm and fairly confident with a large measure of sensibility.  She has fantastic ground manners, trailers with ease, clips/bathes and is good with farrier.  She picked up long line driving and saddle very easily, headed out on the trail with very little worry.  She shows potential to be suitable for a novice youth or adult. More details as her training progresses.


Braeberry Clarabel, 2007 Fell Mare, FPS#4685

BroughHill Hadrian's Wall x Murthwaite Chanthal

Photo taken 4/2014 at 10 months pregnant.

Clarabel is absolutely stunning. Her look is very athletic and pleasing with double mane and massive tail. She has fantastic hooves, best I have seen in a Fell so far. This mare is extremely affectionate and loving, not pushy or spoiled. As with most fells, she is super safe, stable and excels at learning new things. She shows potential to excel in technical maneuvers such as lateral & complex backing. She is light and responsive. She is a big powerful mover, shows a lot of balanced strength. She is ready for someone to put consistent time/miles into her. As a quick willing learner, she will easily pick up on more advanced work.  Her bloodlines are full of well knowns and winners:  Grandsire Waverhead Robbie, Granddam Greenholme Dusty (dam of Murthwaite Mulan and Heltondale Misty IV), Grandsire Townend Duke III.
Nov. 2012-Clarabel went to the NW Mt. Trail Championships. She placed 4th two of the days and took 4th overall out of 7 in the Novice in-hand class. This was her first Mt. Trail competition.


Braeberry's Tamarind, 2007 Half Fell


American Draft Pony Association & Registry #08-00398-07
Tammy is a stunning cross with appealing carriage & balanced movement. Tammy was lightly started when she was younger and then put out to pasture. She currently is in training w/ Kimberly Dunn at Get Grounded Equine doing a variety of in-hand obstacles, ground driving, and saddle training. Tammy is confident on the trail, with other horses, and in the arena. She can be a bit timid with people and Kimberly has been doing a lot of ground work to develop her confidence in that area. She is gentle and safe, most suitable for intermediate and up. Tammy is flashy and would be a great performance or show candidate. She is very careful, sure-footed, and willing to please. Tammy is offered for sale 


Braeberry Princess Eleanor #FP5392, 2010 Bay Purebred Fell Mare

BroughHill Hadrians Wall x Murthwaite Yelena


Princess is spot on for type and conformation.  Her temperament is outstanding, a calm thinker with no flightiness.  As a 2 yr. old, Princess received 45 days pro ground training that involved lunging, mt. trail obstacles, hiking, and long line driving.  Princess is eager to learn and please.  In the fall of 2012, she was long lined over an elaborate mt. trail course: bridges, water, ditches, etc.  with a side-pull bridle.  Saddle training started summer, 2014.  She has been going very nicely on the trail, taking her first camping trip end of Aug., 2014.  She is owned by Cheryl Dutton of Braeberry Farm Fells, and currently offered with motivation to see her in a performance home that will gain good exposure for this rare breed.    

You can see photos of Princess: http://www.flickr.com/photos/haybag/sets/72157631620436035/

You can see video here:  http://youtu.be/UayLaEsWMDI?list=PL2FJi3A1mqHZ6PbCye9r6YCAwyJyvyl8O


2011 Purebred Registered Fell Gelding, Braeberry Victor,  Copperbeech Casper x Greenholme Viv


     Victor is an exceptional quality gelding that is super smart and delightful to be around.  Victor has had some unique groundwork training where he does freestyle liberty and obstacle work.  He did 45 days ground training in Spring 2013 and has been put out to pasture to grow and mature with the herd.  He has competed in-hand at 2 different mt. trail shows and did very well.   You can see videos of Victor here:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2FJi3A1mqHZaNwee5tPwnI1EMkjaNUOm  You can also see more photos of him at:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/haybag/sets/72157631637799627/


JKL Istas

2010 Purebred Bay Fell Mare, 13.1hh


2007 87% Foundation Appaloosa Mare:  Ochoco Blue Moon  Ulrich's Cheyenne x Deacon's Tuff Babe


     Ochoco Blue Moon (Chaka) was bred by Deb Stubblefield of RafterDS Ranch in Fossil, Oregon. Chaka was allowed to grow and mature slowly on the RafterDS Ranch and was professionally trained as a 4yr. old by Carrie Parker with help from Naquel Dunn who was 11 at the time. Chaka has had lots of miles on the trail and has competed in 3 mountain trail competitions at the Oregon Horse Center in Eugene, ridden by a youth. In the summer of 2013, she competed in her first two ACTHA CTC's. She took a 1st and a 5th. Chaka qualified Novice 2nd in the 2013 CVTS trail competition. Chaka is a graduate of our Getting Grounded Training that utilizes obstacles to teach the horse to pay attention and look towards the human for cues and leadership. Chaka has a very confidant calm personality. She could easily be handled by an advanced beginner solo and will take care of passengers with very little horse skills on pleasure/trail rides. She is very thoughtful, safe, and good with kids. Chaka rides english and western, neck reins, side-passes, haunch and forehand turns, backs through just about anything, and moves off of leg. Absolutely no issues or vices with this mare as she was started correctly and her training has been kept up. Chaka has an amazingly comfortable slow jog that you can sit and ride for hours. 

Offered to approved home $5,500 SOLD

You can see lots of photos of Chaka here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/haybag/sets/72157634708678687/


StirlingRidge Marguerite FP4686 2007 purebred black fell mare, Broughill Hadrian's Wall x Townend Caitlin


Margy has completed 120 days groundwork, long line driving and saddle training with Kimberly Dunn.  Margy is a very bright and friendly mare, with a very social and sensible attitude. Margy is a very solid green horse. We have discovered that she is very catty and quick when asked to perform, but otherwise very calm. Margy is very agile with her body. She would make an excellent cow or reining pony. She also has jumping and driving potential.  At liberty, she can clear 3' standing.  Be sure to check links to see her videos.
Margy's 26th ride was also her first competition. Margy competed in an ACTHA competition trail challenge at Sky Hawk Ranch in Redmond, OR. Margy placed 6th out of 17 horses in her class.  She has been exposed to cows and seems very interested in pushing them around.  She has been doing well on extensive trail rides and horse camping.

  Margy is SOLD.

Check out her photos and videos:




Braeberry Lydia FP5390, 2010 bright bay purebred Fell mare, Copperbeech Casper x Townend Bunny


Lydia is expressing a strong desire to work with people and has started saddle training.  She is a very confident, calm mare with no spook or skittish behavior.  In the summer 2012, as a 2 yr. old, Lydia was trained to surcingle, bit and long lines.  She is a super quick learner and began to long line drive through obstacles and was doing some technical maneuvers such as side pass and yielding.  Currently, summer 2013, we have begun the process of conditioning and training to saddle.  Lydia is owned by Cheryl Dutton of Braeberry Farm Fells.    

The above photo was taken Sept. 2013.  You can see photos of Lydia as a 2yr. old, her long line work, and current training here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/haybag/sets/72157630987623696/


Braeberry Ruby, FP 5391, 2010 bay Fell Mare

Green to saddle and packing!



Ruby has had the perfect start in her career.  She did fun ground-work including obstacles and ground driving as a 2yr. old.  She started saddle training in February of 2014 and pack training in March.  Ruby participated in a large gravel pack service project at the end of March and did fantastic.