Braeberry Troubadour (Trooper) Prepares for Therapy Career

November 2017

Trooper (left) is a 2016 model gelding owned by Pat Walters of Pegasus Healing Center in Eugene, OR.  We are honored to help prepare Trooper for his life at Pegasus by putting a good basic foundation on him that is suitable for his age.  Pat is a PATH Intl. certified instructor and Pegasus specializes in Equine Assisted Learning.  Pat specifically chose the Fell pony breed for her program because of their calm, thoughtful temperament and their willingness to partner and be engaged.  Pat has been following our foundation training program for quite some time and felt it would be spot on beneficial for Trooper to spend some time with us.  Braeberry Victor (right) has been helping us in this process by providing emotional support in all the new things we have been showing & teaching Trooper.

You can find out more about equine assisted therapies here:


Dales Pony Red Prairie Freedom Lands at NWTRC

June 2017

Freedom, now known as Salvador, has joined the special team of horses that reside at the Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center in Bellingham, WA.  NWTRC uses certified PATH Intl. instructors to provide horsemanship lessons to people of all ages and abilities.  NWTRC also partners with F.A.C.E.S. to provide equine assisted activities and therapies to children and teens with autism.


Small Drafts at the 2017 NW Horse Expo

FellLegend Betony, Braeberry Barnabas, Sir William Wallace

Ebony Jan (Dales Pony)


3-29-14 Gravel Pack Service Project w/ Mustangs to the Rescue



Braeberry Barnabas, Townend Bunny, and Braeberry Ruby joined MTTR on a service project working on trails in the Capitol Forest near Olympia, Washington.


3-23-14  CopperBeech Casper Attends His First Event

Copper joined Braeberry Barnabas, Greenholme Viv, and Dreamhayven Decadence of Moonlit Fells to represent the Fell breed at the 2014 NW Horse Expo in Albany, Oregon.  In addition to daily demos for the breed, Copper was invited to participate in a Mt. Trail demo put on by Mitch and JoLinn Hoover.  Copper and Viv are owned by Cheryl Dutton of Braeberry Farm Fells.


1-4-14 Mustangs to the Rescue Kicks Off 2014 with First Intro to Get Groundedsm

Crew members at Mustangs to the Rescue in Redmond, Oregon attended an introduction to Get Grounded.  We had 17 horses on the course at SkyHawk Ranch.  You can see more photos and details at:


2013 Crow Valley Trail Series, 2nd session:  Ochoco Blue Moon qualifies for Novice 2nd


ACTHA Bandit Springs CTC 7/12/13, ACTHA Ruben Morgan Wilder CTC 7/13/13

          Ochoco Blue Moon, 2007 Foundation Appaloosa takes a 1st and a 5th in the Pleasure Division

Chaka's first ACTHA competition!  It is so fitting for a mare with the namesake 'Ochoco' to win in the Ochocos.

You can see pictures of Chaka and her friends in the Ochocos here:


June 13, 2013, Kid's Club Day at Emerald Park

       Maddie (Clydesdale), Margy and Bing (Fell Ponies) meet lots of kids as we tell them about the upcoming Eugene Pro-Rodeo Kid's Club Day.


June 13, 2013  Georgia's Rainbow Rey (APHA)  Ranks 4th, Pleasure Div. in ACTHA for 2012-13 Season

   Georgia completed 7 rides during the season with a season end score of 25 points.  There were over 100 riders in the Pleasure Division for the 2012-13 season.


June 9, 2013 CopperBeech Casper Starts Formal Training

   We are excited for the arrival of a purebred imported Fell Stallion into our program.  Copper has been a herd-sire in Medford and knows basic ground manners.  We look forward in discovering his natural talents and teaching him working skills.  Copper is owned by Cheryl Dutton of Braeberry Farms.  You can see photos of Copper here:


June 8, 2013, ACTHA State Champion Jr. Division (Oregon)

     Braeberry Barnabas (Bing) and Naquel Dunn


Naquel and Bing completed 8 rides for the 2012-13 season and scored a total of 49 points, highest in the Jr. Division.  Bing was green with only 5 rides on him when Naquel received him in April 2012.  They have been a great team


June 5, 2013 The Register-Guard, Eugene

Kimberly Dunn and Sara Stubbs are featured in an article about mt. trail.


June 2, 2013  ACTHA CTC at Sky Hawk Ranch

StirlingRidge Marguerite:  6th (out of 17) Pleasure.  (This was her 26th ride, ever!!  And her first competition)

     Ridden by Kimberly Dunn, Owned by Cheryl Dutton of Braeberry Farm

Braeberry Clarabel (Adrianna):  1st Jr. Rider (Her first competition) She was the only Jr. Rider Horse, but did very well.

     Ridden by Naquel Dunn, Owned by Kimberly Dunn


May 17-19, 2013  Spring Mt. Trail Adventure at the Oregon Horse Center, Eugene, Oregon

Congratulations to our Get Groundedsm students who participated in this event.

Driftin Juniper (Drifter):  Champion Logan Circuit-Novice Rider, 3rd Overall Novice Rider-Silverado

     Ridden and owned by Jill Lovelace

Peppy's Neat Spin (Conniger):  Reserve Champion Logan Circuit-Rider 65 and Over.

     Ridden by Joe Roeser

HH Ben Muscat:  Reserve Champion Logan Circuit Back to Basics, Reserve Champion Logan Circuit Novice Horse.

     Ridden and owned by Barbara Kletke Otonicar

Wink Skipastar Frost (Eddie):  Champion Logan Circuit-Jr. Horse 5 yr. & Under, Champion Logan Circuit-Back to Basics, 3rd-Silverado Back to Basics.

     Ridden and owned by Peggy Swearingen

Koa Ino:  Champion Logan Circuit-Amateur Rider 18-49, Champion Silverado-Novice Rider, Champion Silverado-NWMTHPS Novice Rider

     Ridden and owned by Sarah

Ochoco Blue Moon (Chaka):  Champion Logan Circuit-Youth Rider 13 yr. and Under, Champion Logan Circuit-English Open.

     Ridden and owned by Naquel Dunn

HonkyTonkAngel (Ebony):  2nd Overall-Youth Rider 13 yr. and Under.

     Ridden by Megan, Owned by Al Kelly

KungFu Katie:  3rd Overall-Youth Rider 13 yr. and Under.

     Ridden and owned by Danielle Parker

Braeberry Victor:  3rd Overall-Silverado In-Hand Open.

     Handled by Kimberly Dunn, Owned by Kimberly and Naquel Dunn

Goergia's Ranbow Rey:  Reserve Champion Silverado-In-Hand Open, 4th Overall-Silverado Novice Horse.

     Owned and ridden by Kimberly Dunn

Ubee Mr. Wright:  Champion 

     Owned and ridden by Debbie Moore

Belleau G.F. Maddie Noel:  Reserve Champion Silverado Novice Horse.