Get Groundedsm Mentorships

 Learning the Way of Relationship Based Horsemanship

Beyond traditional lessons:  this is for those seeking meaningful, relationship based experiences with their horses.  Learning with us is holistic and requires a minimum 5 hrs./wk. commitment.  Most of the work is on local trails and sessions average 2 hrs.  This is not a pick and choose what you want to learn program.  It has a well thought out progression where one part becomes a foundation for the next.  You must be willing an open to work with your horse at eye level before proceeding to mounted work.

The philosophy we offer is unique to mainstream popular narratives and mind-sets that prevail with most trainers and teachers.  Working with and for horses should not be a battle for your ego, or a dictatorship that is disguised as connection.  The goal is positive, cohesive navigation that strives to minimize conflict and danger.

*  Leadership.  Learn your responsibility as a leader and how to establish respectful leadership with your horse.

*  Skills.  We provide ways for you to develop and improve your technical riding skills.  

    We teach you bio-mechanics, balance, and how to develop flow as you navigate.

*  Thinking.  Along the ride, we assign tasks and create obstacles that encourage thinking and planning.

*  Confidence.  Trail riding is a natural way for both you and your horse to build confidence.

*  Conditioning.  Build stamina for the horse.  Improve your seat and balance as a rider.

*  Focus.  Learn to get and keep your horse's attention.  Learn to listen and pay attention to your horse.

*  Safety.  Teach your horse to behave sensibly and safely.  Learn good rider safety.

*  Spook Control.  Help your horse understand water, bridges, hikers, bikers, or any scary thing.

*  Social.  Horses enjoy being together on the trail.  Riders can learn from other riders and horses.

*  Therapy.  Relieve stress and learn to relax with your horse.

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