Get Groundedsm On The Trail

We have lots of experience getting horses on the trail.  We have a very advanced understanding of working with horses on the ground and the benefits of obstacle/task based training.  Get Groundedsm  combines experiences from training and competing in mt. trail challenges and other obstacle challenges.  We have come to see that our obstacle based practices can benefit any horse and any rider regardless of their specific discipline goals.  Get Groundedsm on the trail is where we utilize natural obstacles and assign creative tasks that help develop a fantastic equine partnership.

Here are the Top 10 Benefits of a Trail Learn and Ride

*  Leadership.  Learn your responsibility as a leader and how to establish leadership with your horse.

*  Skills.  We provide ways for you to develop and improve your technical riding skills.

*  Thinking.  Along the ride, we assign tasks and create obstacles that encourage thinking and planning.

*  Confidence.  Trail riding is a natural way for both you and your horse to build confidence.

*  Conditioning.  Build stamina for the horse.  Improve your seat and balance as a rider.

*  Focus.  Learn to get and keep your horse's attention.  Learn to listen and pay attention to your horse.

*  Safety.  Teach your horse to behave sensibly and safely.  Learn good rider safety.

*  Spook Control.  Help your horse understand water, bridges, hikers, bikers, or any scary thing.

*  Social.  Horses enjoy being together on the trail.  Riders can learn from other riders and horses.

*  Therapy.  Relieve stress and learn to relax with your horse.


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